‘Shaping the future by reflecting on the past and understanding the now’

In the faculty of Humanities, we have the ambition for all our students to engage in and achieve highly in a wide range of experiences within our diverse curriculum at both key stages 3 and 4. All students will become competent, capable and equipped in a range of historical and geographical concepts as well in the skills of analysis, causation, interpretation and evaluation so intrinsic in History, Geography and Religious Education. Our subjects epitomise and nurture learning through the exploration of British Fundamental Values of Tolerance, Respect, the Rule of Law, Democracy and Individual Liberty. Our vision is to ignite the futures of our learners through our curriculum and subject areas.

At KS3 we aim to build a foundation of historical, geographical and religious knowledge that will enable learners to ‘reflect on the past and understand the now’ in political, social, moral, economic, religious and cultural contexts. We envision our students experiencing the awe and wonder of History, Geography and Religious Education both within and outside of the classroom context. By the end of this KS3 journey, students will be able to make an informed decision regarding which pathway they wish to further pursue in depth at KS4. We champion the undertaking of the English Baccalaureate but make all of our subjects accessible to all.

At KS4, students will develop an in-depth knowledge of one or more areas within our faculty. We ultimately aim for our students to continue their learning journey as successful historians, geographers and as accomplished appreciators of Religious Education. The faculty is also fully committed to ensuring our students have the opportunity to succeed through the most up to date vocational qualifications with regard to Travel and Tourism.

Curriculum Maps

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