LRC Facilities

We believe that students deserve a rich curriculum that encourages extensive reading of whole books and other kinds of texts. We believe that active encouragement of reading for pleasure is a core part of every student’s educational entitlement, whatever their background or attainment because we know that extensive reading and an exposure to a range of texts makes a huge contribution to students’ vocabulary acquisition and educational achievement.

Our library facilities are open for all students to access throughout the school day. Students can check books from a variety of genres including a wide variety of non-fiction books. Our librarian is on hand to assist any students who are struggling to find a book which best suits them. Students can access the library during break and lunchtime to do homework and reading as well as after school.

Our library is also host to 32 laptops which enables our students to take part in research lessons with their teacher. This allows the students to carry out their own research into a particular subject which will enable them to get a flavour of what they may have to do in future career choices or university. They will then share what they have researched with their peers, improving their confidence in delivering information to a group and their language skills.

The students love coming to the library for a lesson, the difference in environment has a really positive effect on them and they are always excited to return.

The library leadership team is comprised of students who have a special interest in books/reading and have expressed a desire to volunteer in the library. They work as a team, assisting the librarian in day-to-day tasks in the library and provide an invaluable link between staff and students. Their input in recommending book titles which will be popular with students is incredibly useful and they learn how to be part of a productive working environment.