Attendance is very important to us at Ormiston Meridian Academy. Research shows that students with good school attendance are more likely to achieve higher results in their GCSE’s. This means they’ll have better options when they leave school and will be more likely to have greater job satisfaction and a higher paid job. There’s evidence to show that getting 5 GCSE’s at grade 4 and above adds £80,000 to your earnings over a lifetime. At Ormiston Meridian Academy we are passionate about making sure that every single student has the best chance of success both now and for their future, so we are committed to making sure that every student has excellent attendance.

What is good attendance?

100%This is everyone’s target and is excellent attendance. 
96% – 99%7.5 days or less, days of absence in one year. Good attendance is the minimum for all students. 
91% – 95%Between 8 and 18 days of absence in one year. Your child’s chances of success are at risk. 
90% or less19 or more days of absence in one year. Your child is classed as a persistent absentee. Their chances of success have dropped significantly and their attendance must improve urgently.  

We hope all of our students will attend 100% of the time, but we understand that this isn’t always possible. So we aim for all students to attend a minimum of 96% of their year. This means having no more than 7.5 days off school for any reason all year.

Why is attendance important?

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