You're Hired

At OMERA students have access to a wide range of career-based activities that make up our ‘You’re Hired’ programme. We provide dedicated and personalised provision to students who require additional support when making and realising their future career aspirations. 

Students take part in weekly sessions dedicated to ‘You’re Hired’. During these sessions’ developing a clear understanding of the world of employment. Sessions develop a number of essential soft skills enabling students to achieve their own personal aspirations and goals. Students are taught about potential career pathways. 

We actively work with a number of local further education providers and employers. These links enable us to support students beyond their time at OMERA, ensuring that they are successful in their future ambitions.  

The ‘You’re Hired’ programme at OMERA aims to ‘ignite futures’ by connecting learning to real life contexts making learning relevant and relatable, ensuring students are fully prepared for an ever-changing and demanding modern world. We provide in-depth knowledge regarding the vast range of opportunities and experiences that are available to them as young adults: further education, university, apprenticeships and ultimately employment.