The curriculum at Ormiston Meridian academy is designed around our ambition to ‘Shape lives, build ambitions and ignite futures’. We are dedicated to creating a community that is characterised by strong and positive relationships. We aim to provide an outstanding education, with a curriculum that is broad, balanced, inspiring and inclusive for all students; providing all students with the very best opportunities to fulfil their potential and enabling students to be successful in life beyond the academy. We believe that learning must be extended beyond the classroom in order to create successful citizens alongside the development of academic and practical knowledge and skills.

We take pride in providing opportunities for our students to develop themselves beyond the national curriculum, as well as motivating them to enjoy new forms of learning, building their cultural capital in a variety of ways. As an academy we consider the range, quality and take-up of trips and extra-curricular activities; the promotion of British Values; the development of pupils’ character; the quality of debate and discussions that pupils have and the pupils’ understanding of how equality and diversity are promoted and celebrated.

As part of our ambition statement ‘we endeavour to develop interests and passions and to create successful citizens’. This can be achieved through enrichment opportunities that help shape a ‘whole’ child and support them in ‘igniting their future, ‘as we provide opportunities for them that extend beyond the classroom. Through the breadth of activities that we offer, we endeavour to ensure that every student has the opportunity to explore and develop existing and new talents and interests as well as reminding them that learning can be fun.