Vision & Values

Here at Ormiston Meridian Academy we believe in:

Shaping Lives

Our curriculum is designed to shape the ‘whole’ child by creating students with considerable character. We proactively develop opportunities for young people to develop as: Leaders of the future; Independent, proactive and tenacious learners; and successful, respectful and responsible citizens.

Building Ambition

We are passionate about instilling a strong sense of self-belief, determination and aspiration in every student so that they have the highest expectations of themselves and believe that they can achieve anything they put their mind to, no matter how challenging.

Igniting Futures

The whole point! We aim to empower a generation of young people to transform a society and make an everlasting positive contribution to our country. By providing a ‘Relevant and Relatable Learning’ strategy we ensure students are motivated to achieve lifelong and limitless employment. We provide in-depth knowledge regarding the vast range of opportunities and experiences that are available to them as young adults; further education, university, apprenticeships and ultimately employment so that they can enter career path that serves them for the rest of their lives.