House and Rewards Day

Activity 1 – Malala Yousafzai’s Celebration Assembly

Led by heads of year. These assemblies will be rewards assemblies that are planned by Mrs Predergast and the certificates will be for house points and also the academic achievement of the students. Also, raffle tickets will be handed out and winners will be drawn at the end of the assembly. Informative video with key facts about Malala Yousafzai. Raffle tickets and prizes to be given out.

Activity 2 – Ellie Simmonds’ Sports Spectacular

Mr Martin , Mr Maxwell and Mrs James to work with form tutors and students take part in physical activity, points cards will be awarded for students. Students to line up in forms on Y9 yard, Mr Martin to go through key facts about Simmonds and Mental/Physical health. * If it was to rain all form groups would go back to form rooms and complete the quiz that would be sent out by Mr Davies.

Activity 3 – Alan Turing’s Cube

Will take place in the Maths corridor each form tutor will monitor the results and house point cards to be given to students. ‘Did you know Alan Turing …’ information around the classrooms.

Activity 4 – Emma Bridgewater’s Bingo Bonanza (Sports Hall)

Led by Mr Darlington and Mrs Eldershaw. Bonus question cards: shout out BINGO, answer correctly and double your prize.