Ormiston Meridian Academy (OMA) strives to provide an education to all our students that gives opportunities to develop individual values and beliefs, alongside spiritual awareness and a high standard of personal conduct and behaviour.

It is also important that our students develop into positive caring young people who respect their Community, other viewpoints and cultural traditions. Our SMSC, PSHE and Student Leadership provision across the Academy strives to instill our core values; Respect, Honesty, Ambition, Courage and Inspiration.


All areas of OMA contribute to our students Personal Development by:-

  • Demonstrating good behaviour and discipline
  • Promoting high standards within the classroom
  • Promoting positive relationships amongst all our stakeholders (Staff, Students, Parents, Governors and Visitors)
  • Providing a safe environment for learning and development.

Through our classroom teaching we aim to provide opportunities for students to:-

  • Work co-operatively with one another
  • Consider and respect the needs of others
  • Share and celebrate achievements (both inside and outside of the academy)
  • Treat all as equals, accepting people who are different because of physical and learning difficulties
  • Show empathy towards others
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Respect others
  • Express ideas and beliefs
  • PSHE

At OMA we have a coherent and well planned programme. It is designed to build upon previous learning within PSHE sessions. Students take part in dedicated PSHE sessions throughout the year that are taught by dedicated teams of staff. The PSHE topic titles are;

  • Relationship Education
  • Social and Moral Education
  • Living in the Wider World
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Learning to Learn

OMA’s PSHE programme is designed to teach students about the world they live in and develop their understanding of a range of topics from sex and relationships to economic wellbeing. In addition to our dedicated PSHE sessions, students take part in bespoke planned drop-down/extra-curricular sessions. These sessions are designed to address age/group specific issues and needs e.g. LGBTQ+, mental health, road safety or issues within the locality of the academy.


Form Time

Our Senior Staff, Heads of Year, Student Leaders and Tutor Groups deliver a programme of assemblies and themed weeks that incorporate our SMSC, British and Core values.

In addition to the ‘thought for the week’, each topic is themed around current events. We also have a plan in place to share major news events with staff (through the use of our Major incident plan). Students take part in weekly Literacy and Numeracy activities. Students are expected to watch the news and form staff enable this to happen through new programmes that are suitable for our students (such as Dedicated reading time is built into our form time curriculum.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership development is a core part of our academy ethos and is embedded in all aspects of academy life; from Leaders of Learning within lessons to Student leadership teams in all year groups. At OMA we are keen to ensure that students develop a sense of their own personal mission and calling. The intent of the leadership programme is to ensure that students achieve our Academy core values of Respect, Honesty, Ambition, Courage and Inspiration.

Aims of the Student Leadership programme
  • To empower students to work in partnership with staff towards continual academy development.
  • To allow students to take greater responsibility for their school community.
  • To encourage students to be creative thinkers and to be solution focused.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of inspiring, challenging and valued projects which impact positively on teaching and learning and well-being for both students and staff at Ormiston Meridian Academy.
  • To prepare students for Higher Education and for achieving personal and professional excellence in life after formal education.
  • Develop confidence, communication and oracy skills throughout all year groups to enable students to present in front of different audiences
  • Students will be able to articulate and formulate school development plans in relation to student issues.
Outcomes and impact of the Student Leadership programme
  • All students will be able to act with honesty and integrity at all times, both inside and outside of the school environment.
  • Students will be confident they will be able to articulate with clear and precise communication.
  • Students will become strong, caring and considerate young people who develop the lives of others.
  • All leaders will have the ability to inspire others both inside the school and in the Community.
  • Students will always maintain a positive attitude and remain motivated to ensure individual success in life beyond education.
  • Students will be questioned on how they react to speaking in front of large audiences. Once they have has experience of the programme and developed there presentation skills they will be questioned again therefore, showing a marked improvement in the ability to speak, present and lead in front of others.
  • There will be a marked increase the success score of the students involved due to the ability to discuss, question, support and present during lesson time.
  • More engagement and discussion during form times.
  • Develop oracy skills.
  • Give students power and responsibility around the school.
  • Students will develop leadership qualities and will start to lead small groups, tasks or initiatives around the school.
  • Long term impact will be that the academy will have more students than ever applying for SSLT leadership positions within the academy.
  • Applications for all of the positions will rise and we will develop more young leaders each year.
Right to Withdraw

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