To ensure that learning in the classroom is supported by purposeful, meaningful and carefully planned home and independent learning which builds on, consolidates or prepares students for the next phase of their learning.

The home and independent learning policy at Ormiston Meridian Academy will follow the 3 R strategy (Recap/ Retrieval, Revision and Research).

Our HAIL policy:

  • ensure that all Home And Independent Learning has a clear purpose which supports recap/ retrieval, revision or additional research
  • pledge that Home And Independent Learning set is meaningful and allows students to increase or consolidate their knowledge in all subject areas 
  • show ambition for all in our HAIL by carefully planning and differentiating tasks to allow all students to recall, revise or research key content that has been identified by the teacher and taught in previous lessons or will be needed for future learning
  • use Home And Independent Learning to develop study skills, apply learning and enable all students to become effective independent learners
  • have high expectations with regard to the presentation and effort students put into Home And Independent Learning as we would their classwork
  • challenge and sanction students when their Home And Independent Learning falls below expectations
  • publish all HAIL tasks on Google Classroom with a deadline which should be met
  • upload useful resources which could include power points, video clips and revision materials to support HAIL tasks
  • require students to meet deadlines or provide information as to the extenuating circumstances of why they have not been met
  • use HAIL to promote and allow students the opportunity to read widely and often. This may include the use of Bedrock for KS 3 English
  • mark/ acknowledge HAIL tasks and provide any support to correct misconceptions or to re-teach key content when required
  • provide revision lists prior to ARs and Knowledge Organisers to support students with the good habits for revision and independent learning whilst prepping for assessments
  • support students access to HAIL tasks by running a HAIL club based in the LRC which is supported by a TA
  • continue to enhance our remote learning strategy by adding new initiatives which support learning beyond the classroom

Specific HAIL tasks for KS4 to support revision, recall and consolidation of key learning and concepts:

  • Subject teachers may set assignments from GCSE Pod, Ever learner, Seneca, Kerboodle and other effective learning platforms
  • When revision has been set as a HAIL task, students should demonstrate this has been completed by producing visual evidence eg- flashcards, exam question responses, Cornell notes, graphic organisers including mind maps
  • As part of the academy’s drive to further develop the home learning strategy and to support remote education teachers may deliver live lessons and revision sessions using Google Meet
  • For some faculties, specific HAIL booklets may be provided and teachers may choose to set weekly tasks

Our approach to HAIL- We will follow a 3R strategy for Home and Independent learning (HAIL)

  • Recall/ Retrieval: prior learning, applying learning, check accuracy of recall, interleaving/ spaced retrieval, practice questions, key terms, application of knowledge, embed learning, worksheets, bridging gaps in knowledge,  definitions and tier 3 subject specific terms, Heidi’s red pen strategy
  • Revision: preparation for assessments through mind maps, flash cards, notes, graphic organisers, use of GCSE Pod, Seneca, Kerboodle, Maths watch and other independent learning platforms.  Any revision strategies. Students provide evidence of their personal revision
  • Research: Flipped learning, guided research or opportunities to extend and challenge students and wider reading.

Expected Frequency of HAIL tasks

HAIL KS3 - Year 7, 8, 9Year 7Year 8Year 9
English, Maths, ScienceAt least 30 mins weekly minimumAt least 30 mins weekly minimumAt least 45 mins weekly minimum
History, Geography, French DT, ArtAt least 30 mins weekly minimumAt least 30 mins weekly minimumAt least 45 mins weekly minimum
Music, Dance, DramaAt least 30 every other lesson minimumAt least 30 every other lesson minimumAt least 45 every other lesson minimum
REAt least 30 mins every fortnight minimumAt least 30 mins every fortnight minimumAt least 30 mins every fortnight minimum
HAIL KS4 - Year 10 & 11Year 10Year 11
English, Maths, Science CoreUp to 2 hours every weekUp to 2 hours every week and additional revision tasks and exam prep
OptionsUp to an hour every weekUp to an hour every week and additional revision and exam prep

Ormiston Meridian Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.