Ormiston Meridian Academy EAL team offers support to pupils, who are new to the English language, have basic or limited English or needs some differentiated literacy support due to their EAL needs.

When a bilingual/multilingual pupil first joins OMA, the EAL coordinator meets them to assess their current language needs and to set EAL support individually for each EAL student according to their level of English and their needs.

These EAL interventions support EAL learners during their language acquisition process while preparing them to respond successfully and with confidence, in order to remove the barriers so that students can access the language demand in main stream lessons and daily life.

Reading is a key to knowledge and gives each student the ability to communicate with the world. Our EAL team provides reading intervention to each EAL student. We use reading age testing as a starting point, identifying the language knowledge of each student.. When a child is not matching is identified as performing below their reading age and their chronological age, we apply reading interventions. In these sessions, children read 1-1 or in small group to identity new words (collecting those in EAL keyword book to apply when writing), discuss their meaning, pronunciation and use in specific subject connected content. We do communicate with teachers to identify the vocabulary required to embed the knowledge and skills for all subjects, to support the curriculum across the school and to prepare the EAL students for their lessons.

All of the new language is then applied into written tasks, which parents can supervise and check to monitor their child’s progress in written form.

We test 3-4 times a year to monitor reading progress of all our EAL students.  Using their outcomes,  we measure their indiviual progress, and adjust our strategies and reading interventions accordingly. Parents are informed via a phone call or a home visit, in which we explain the process and the importance of reading at home.


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My name is Denisa Danyiova,

[email protected]

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I am the EAL coordinator at OMA and I am here to support your child in our school, in order to help them settle in.  I assess and track their reading progress and create an individual reading support program for each EAL student. I love literacy and being able to speak Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, German, English and as a multilingual teacher I do have understanding of the process of learning a different language. I really enjoy being an EAL coordinator at OMA and share my passion for language learning with the students.

My name is Ewa Higginson,

[email protected]

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I am the EAL TA assistant at OMA. I really enjoy reading and I am here to support your children with reading interventions.  I am a Polish native speaker, in case you wish to have conversation about your child in Polish. It is a privilege to support our EAL students with reading, and to watch the success they achieve when they reach their GCSE exams year. To see the confidence and the ability to speak for themselves in formal English language is very rewarding.

My name is Attiya Tabassam,

[email protected]

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I provide reading support for the EAL department. I am a native Urdu speaker, and can communicate with you if you wish to discuss your child’s progress in Urdu. I have been working in the EAL department for 7 years and I really enjoy supporting our EAL students, and teaching them how to communicate in their surrounding world.

My name is Dan Trigg:



I have been supporting reading in the EAL department for the past 7 years and I specialise in reading with boys across all year groups. Reading with EAL students is an opportunity to go on adventures in books with the students, and to embed their understanding of the language so that they are able to develop communication skills.

Ormiston Meridian Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.