Science is a dynamic, ever-changing subject that is enjoyed and studied by all students at Key Stage 3 and at Key Stage 4. The Science staff are enthusiastic promoters of Science at all levels and our vision is to integrate exciting practical activities with teaching excellence in order to provide a relevant curriculum which develops essential skills necessary for academy and beyond. We have five dedicated Science suites and one science classroom.


In Key Stage 3 pupils study Science for seven lessons per fortnight, and across the key stage cover a range of topics including:


  1. Cells and respiration
  2. Humans as organisms
  3. Plants and Ecosystems
  4. Inheritance, Variation and survival
  5. Classifying materials
  6. Chemical Changes
  7. The Earth and the Atmosphere
  8. Energy and Matter
  9. Forces and Motion
  10. Waves
  11. Electricity and Magnetism
  12. The Earth and beyond

When pupils complete Key Stage 3 we offer the following qualifications:

  • GCSE Combined Science (AQA Trilogy) – worth 2 GCSEs (From September 2015)
  • GCSE Biology AQA
  • GCSE Chemistry AQA
  • GCSE Physics AQA