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Year 10 Maths Feast

The students in 10SH1 were fortunate to work with Keele University and the FMSP on a variety of challenging [...]

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Year 10 at ‘Griffin Spanner’

A group of year 10 students were invited to Swynnerton Army Camp. Students were given an inside look at how engineering is used within the army […]

Primary Pupils Heart Dissection

Three groups of year 5 pupils from The Crescent Academy attended a heart dissection masterclass. The pupils have been studying the heart and circulation and wanted […]

SASCAL Creative Writing Competition

Students from some of our Y7 and Y8 classes have been exercising their imagination in preparation for this year’s creative writing competition, hosted by SASCAL, as […]

Year 10 Students at NULC 2018

Construction Day at Newcastle College. 15 year 10 students attended the construction day taster event at Newcastle College on Friday the 27th April. The students were […]

OMA Overseas

Holland Football Tour During the Easter break, OMA took a group of 30 athletically talented Year 8 and 9 students to Holland on an overseas football […]

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Exam Killer

As we enter the Final Term of the academic year the reality of Year 11 Exams looms. [...]

Maths Jam

2 intrepid teams set out on Friday afternoon to accept the challenge thrown down by Newcastle College of competing in [...]

Dance Festival

Stoke School Sports Partnership Dance Festival: Breaking News … Tornado sweeps the city taking all in its way On Wednesday [...]

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