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Rocket Fund

Our Rocket Fund bid for Aspiring Sports Analysts have just gone live! We would appreciate it if you would [...]

Normandy Trip 2018

A group of intrepid travellers, with a hunger for History and a thirst for French, enjoyed a fantastic trip [...]

Latest Articles

Year 10 Maths Feast

The students in 10SH1 were fortunate to work with Keele University and the FMSP on a variety of challenging maths problems. The problems combined mathematical, communication […]

Meridian Mail Newsletter Number 2

The latest edition of the Meridian Mail Newsletter is now available.

Year 10 at ‘Griffin Spanner’

A group of year 10 students were invited to Swynnerton Army Camp. Students were given an inside look at how engineering is used within the army […]

Primary Pupils Heart Dissection

Three groups of year 5 pupils from The Crescent Academy attended a heart dissection masterclass. The pupils have been studying the heart and circulation and wanted […]

SASCAL Creative Writing Competition

Students from some of our Y7 and Y8 classes have been exercising their imagination in preparation for this year’s creative writing competition, hosted by SASCAL, as […]

Recent News and Events

OMA Overseas

Holland Football Tour During the Easter break, OMA took a group of 30 athletically talented Year 8 [...]

Exam Killer

As we enter the Final Term of the academic year the reality of Year 11 Exams looms. We know that [...]

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