Year 9 Power & Conflict Poetry

A Year 9 was tasked with creating a diary entry from the point of view of a soldier in WW1 – a piece of work that would showcase his knowledge and understanding of the Power and Conflict GCSE topic so far.

asked if he could do this in the form of a poem and was encouraged to do so. This poem was produced following just one lesson on the context of WW1 and life in the trenches.

I’m sitting down scrubbing my rifle,
Missing my mum’s home-made trifle,
I’m freezing in this disgraceful ditch of mud;
As the bombs go off in the distance there is a certain thud –
If I could get out of this place I would.
But now I’m here with my brothers,
We’re all missing our mothers,
We’re so cold all we need is our covers,
We’ve all had enough,
All we want is quilts, filled with fluff,
We’re missing our family – we have to stay tough.
The wind and rain has a rhythm,
Now I feel like I’m in prison.
We’re all in muddy kits – no fashion,
All we have for breakfast is a horrible ration.
My mother wrote me a letter saying she misses her Nathan,
But I’m still out here fighting, all for our nation.

Miss Melia is planning to use his poem with her y8 class as an introduction to their War Poetry and 20th Century Non-Fiction topic.

a wonderful poem independently; he should be incredibly proud of his work.