Year 11 University Visit

A group of 50 Y11 students set off to MMU, Manchester Metropolitan University, to experience first-hand what it is like to be a university student.

We arrived at the Crewe Campus and were greeted by 5 student ambassadors and the Dean of the university.  The ambassadors quickly split us into 2 groups and we were off on a tour.  The tour consisted of visiting many parts of the university which included “student accommodation” where someone was heard to ask “What!  You have to cook your own meals!”  The first harsh truth had been learnt.

After the tour, there was a Q&A session where the students were asked to sort out fact from fiction about university life: apparently it is true you can study knitting to degree level!  Next we were given vouchers for a free meal in the SU, Student Union.  Miss Taylor showed us the real “student” appetite by demolishing a huge plate of food only to declare 10mins later “I’m starving!”


The afternoon was spent partly in a dance studio where the 2 “crews” faced off and a clear winner was team Brown consisting of Alexis and Leigh!  This was followed by Sports Science and, thanks to the hard work of the PE department, we were ready to jump, run, test our strength and measure our lung capacity, to look at modern training methods.

Both Miss Taylor and I hope that the aim of the day, which was to motivate students to consider going on to university, was well and truly met as an exhausted quiet descended on the bus on the way home.  This was only punctuated by some quite poor community singing!

Mr D Brown
Assistant Principal