A Warm Welcome

You will have a glimpse, in these brief pages, of some of the experiences our students are offered as we guide them through their education. The curriculum, which encompasses all that they experience during their school years, is so much more than a collection of subjects.

Yes, of course we value traditional study, the ability to reason, communicate,calculate, analyse and to learn. We want our students to leave school with the best examination results they can achieve. Highly literate, numerate and articulate young people, with the ability to make their way in the world. But we want much more than this too. Our school vision gives a hint, but how do we make our young learners confident, ambitious and enthusiastic?

Everything we do is built around a commitment to hard work, effort and practice. Alongside this are the values of respect, honesty, courage and integrity. Our high expectations of every student are built into our curriculum, balanced with personal choice and creativity so that each can flourish within a safe but challenging framework designed to specifically fit their needs.

Making mistakes is an inevitable part of the learning journey. If students slip back on their learning journey we will be there to pick them up and work with parents and carers to help them catch up. We expect everyone at Meridian academy to give of their best every day. Please come to see what we have to offer, we think you will be surprised.

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