All students will be given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and characteristics to prepare them well for a modern and demanding world.

Who makes up the Student Leadership Team?

This team will be made up of a Head Student, Deputy Head Students, Assistant Head Students and Student Leaders Red, each student will have a specific role alongside general responsibilities.

Alongside this, each year group will have a Year Leadership Team that will consist of a Year Captain, Vice-Captain, Form Captains and Student Leaders Blue.

Student Leadership Duties
  • To Support Staff, the Senior Leadership Team and the community of our academy
  • To be approachable, to listen to and to act as an advocate for students within the Academy
  • To strategically lead the Student Leadership within the Academy
  • To uphold Academy values at all times
  • To encourage others to uphold Academy values
  • To be an Ambassador for the Academy during Open Evenings and Academy Events
  • To lead and front initiatives decided by the Student Leadership Team
What impact does Student Leadership have?
  • All students will be able to act with honesty and integrity at all times, both inside and outside of the school environment
  • Students will be confident and will be able to articulate with clear and precise communication
  • Students will become strong, caring and considerate young people who develop the lives of others
  • All leaders will have the ability to inspire others both inside the school and in the Community
  • Students will always maintain a positive attitude and remain motivated to ensure individual success in life beyond education
  • Students will be questioned on how they react to speaking in front of large audiences. Once they have had experience of the programme and developed their presentation skills they will be questioned again showing a marked improvement in the ability to speak, present and lead in front of others
  • There will be a marked increase in the success score of the students involved due to the ability to discuss, question, support and present during lesson time
  • More engagement and discussion during form times
  • Develop oracy skills
  • Give students power and responsibility around the Academy
  • Students will develop leadership qualities and will start to lead small groups, tasks or initiatives around the school
Year 11 Year 10 Year 9 Year 8 Year 7
Monitored and Supported by HOY Monitored and Supported by HOY Monitored and Supported by HOY Monitored and Supported by HOY Monitored and Supported by HOY
Head Student Year Captain Year Captain Year Captain Year Captain
Deputy Head Students Vice-Captain Vice-Captain Vice-Captain Vice-Captain
Assistant Head Students 7 Form Captains 7 Form Captains 7 Form Captains 7 Form Captains
Students Leaders (Red) Students Leaders (Blue) Students Leaders (Blue) Students Leaders (Blue) Students Leaders (Blue)

Our Student Leadership Team have highlighted key areas that they desire to support Academy staff and student with. Below are a list of individual support teams that our Student Leadership Teams have developed:

Canteen Monitors
  • Ensure that the canteen environment is a safe and clean place
  • Support canteen staff with the day to day running of the canteen
  • Voice student views on canteen menu and general running of the canteen
Geography Ambassadors

As a Geography Department we are committed to developing stimulating and appropriate learning opportunities for all of the Students that we teach and delivering an inspiring curriculum both inside the classroom and in the wider Academy Community. We believe that giving students the opportunity to be leaders in our subject is an integral part of our department’s role and that developing citizens of the twenty-first century is essential.

In order to help us to achieve this, our Geography Ambassadors run a series of projects:

  • Woodland Trust (Green Tree School Award): This award helps our Geography Ambassadors to look at ways we can help the environment and improve the school grounds. The Ambassadors run and help to complete environmental projects such as tree planting, reducing CO2 emissions and visiting woods; so far we have achieved our Silver Award and are currently running events to help us to achieve our Gold. We understand that in order to live a healthy life we must live in harmony with the environment around us.
  • Eco Schools: This award is run by our Eco Club. It helps us to feel empowered to improve our environment and our lifestyles. Our Eco Club works tirelessly to drive change and improve Students environmental awareness through the simple Seven-Step framework in order to achieve the international Eco-Schools Green Flag award. This improves our problem solving skills and helps us to be more aware of the impacts of the choices we make on our environment.
  • Fair trade Award: A project that our Geography Ambassadors are equally as passionate about is our Fairtrade Schools Award. This is a movement where young people learn that whatever their age they have the power to make a difference in the world. It offers a great opportunity to look at global issues such as where our food comes from and how we are connected to people around the world. Students can also learn a range of skills from teamwork and co-operation to persuasive writing.
Library Leadership Team

The Library Leadership Team is comprised of students who have a passion for reading and strive to lead, encourage and create a culture where peers are also able to discover a love of reading.

  • Support students through advice and guidance in accessing resources in the LRC (Learning Resource Centre)
  • Engage with the whole school Community by creating and supporting events and competitions that promote reading.
  • Assist in creating a welcoming, engaging environment and developing promotional displays
  • Work alongside the student voice and SSLT in establishing a catalogue of reading material that students want to see in their LRC
PE Leadership Team

The PE Leadership Team will demonstrate leadership through sport, support students through extra-curricular activities and develop the sporting culture within the Academy.

  • To support Y7/Y8 lunchtime activities by setting up, helping and coaching – if required
  • Supporting at Open Evening or Options Evening events as Student Ambassadors
  • Attending Extra-curricular practices and lead warm-up sessions for younger age groups
  • Designing and contributing to board displays in the PE corridor
  • Discussing and arranged after school extra-curricular trips (subsidised or not) for those who regularly attend practices
  • Providing basic refreshments for team matches played at home
Peer Support Leadership Team

The PSLT will be made up of a variety of students who commit to improving student wellbeing, support systems and emotional development of all students in the Academy.

  • Create emotional wellbeing support systems
  • Development mentor and counselling support
  • Give students opportunities to voice opinions
  • Set up a student voice
  • Make students feel a part of the Academy Community
Digital Leadership Team

The Digital Leadership team will take the lead in all areas of digital life at the Academy. From promoting online safety to embedding exciting new technologies such as Google Classroom. Students will offer support/training to students/staff in all areas of digital life here at Ormiston Meridian Academy.

  • Provide ongoing support to students/staff on all issues relating to ‘online safety’.
  • Become ‘Google Classroom’ experts and help in the delivery of training to students/staff
  • Assist in the running/maintenance of the Academy YouTube channel.
  • Work alongside the Computing & Business faculty to ensure an up to date curriculum focus on all areas of ‘online safety’.
Dance Leadership Team

The Dance Leadership Team is comprised of students who have a passion for dance and strive to lead, encourage and create pieces of dance.

  • Support the development of extra-curricular dance through running a year 7 dance club creating opportunities to develop a love of the subject
  • Engage with the whole school a by supporting events that promote the Performing Arts
  • Assist in creating a welcoming, engaging environment and developing talent in the school