Silver DofE Practice Walk 2

On Friday 8th March 12 students braved the weather to complete their second practice walk as part of the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Students left the academy on Friday morning and headed for Castleton. After passing several snow drifts on the drive over we were all pleased to see that Castleton was snow free. The students had planned their own routes for the day which included picture stops at Hollins Cross and Mam Tor. Although the day started out with a large amount of cloud cover it soon cleared up to just in time for the second group to summit Mam Tor. This was a great day to test out the students walking boots and gain experience walking in cold conditions ready for their practice expedition later in the month. All the students had chance to practice their navigation skills and even a snowball fight before warming up with hot chocolate in a local cafe.

Brilliant effort by all! Now to prepare for the practice expedition.