Whilst the primary purpose of our academy is to ensure students achieve their potential, thus enabling them to progress, their wider development remains an important element for the academy.

There are many opportunities to develop their personal skills and self-confidence, be it through leading and planning events, charitable projects, social activities, organising site visits, joining in discussions and debates or guiding fellow students.

Student Voice

Student voice proactively engages our young people in shaping teaching and learning by asking them to provide direct feedback on their learning and quality of academy experience,

It allows them to impact decisions on how we, as a academy, can adapt and improve to meet their needs.

Academy Ambassadors

Students are encouraged to apply to become academy Ambassadors – through the Junior Leadership Team.

As Ofsted noted: “The JLT is a good example of the opportunities students are given to contribute to the life of the academy.”

Academy Council

Ormiston Meridian Academy has a thriving school council which is democratically elected.

The Council is consulted on issues facing students and this presents an opportunity for students to gain a greater understanding of the work of the academy.