We believe that high standards of uniform help to establish the tone of Sandon and provide a clear identity enabling students to identify with their college.

Students should wear their college uniform with pride, remembering to be smart on all occasions.

Getting it right Means:

  • You respect the school
  • You are part of a team
  • You will get praise from your teachers
  • Visitors will think you are a good student

Getting it wrong means:

  • You do not respect the school standards
  • you are not part of a team
  • You will be put into detention / isolation by teachers
  • Visitors will think you are a student who does not care

Uniform must be kept clean and worn tidily at school, at all school functions and on the way to and from school. The Principal reserves the right to send home any pupil who appears at school incorrectly dressed.

Our full uniform policy can be viewed here.