Year 11 is without doubt the most demanding time in your school career. The workload is significant, the expectations are high and the outcomes can be life-changing. We are extremely passionate about providing a wide range of opportunities that allow you to maximise your potential, removing any barriers to your progress and ultimately ensuring you achieve academic success.

‘Hard Work, Effort and Practice’

In order to ensure success we must equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills and personal characteristics to tackle your GCSE examinations with confidence and resilience. The ‘Passport to Success’ is a programme designed to support you by providing a sharp focus on the academic priorities at every stage during year 11.

The key aims of the ‘Passport to Success’ are:
  • to equip you with planning, time-management and organisation skills to cope with the demands of y11
  • to motivate and encourage you to consistently demonstrate the key characteristics required by all successful students
  • to ensure you have a deep and detailed understanding of the requirements of successful post-16 progression and the impact that GCSE results can have on this

‘Passport to Success’ Overview

The ‘Passport to Success’ contains 4 sections:
  1. Planning and Organisation
  2. Commitment and Dedication
  3. Attitude to Learning
  4. Aspirations for the Future

Each section contains specific actions and success criteria designed to make you maximise your potential and achieve highly.

Upon completion of each section you will be awarded with a certificate and prize in recognition of your success. Final awards will be presented at the end of the program and awarded as follows:

Any one section completed = Bronze, any two = Silver, any three = Gold, completion of all four = Platinum.

Passport to Success Poster – Section 1: Planning and Organisation

Please follow this link to download the ‘Passport to Success’ poster