The library is a calm and studious place, as well as Accelerated Reading Lessons the library can be accessed by students during the day to read, revise, complete homework & use the ICT equipment to aid with homework/coursework.

Opening hours

Open to all students every day during break, lunch and after school

Monday & Thursday 8:40 – 3:35

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 8:20 – 3:35 (Students need permission to come into school early)

Please follow this link for details regarding homework drop in times

All the resources will be available for students to do schoolwork/homework.

Resources Available


Fiction: A wide range of both classical and contemporary novels also short stories.

Non-Fiction: (Fact Books) A wide range of Factual books to support areas of the curriculum and reflect areas of general interest.

Reference: Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries and other curriculum books for use in the L.R.C.


These are available for student use, to aid with schoolwork/homework.

Newspapers and Magazines:

Daily and weekly newspapers and various magazines available.