Lead by Miss Rowley, the MFL Department at Ormiston Meridian Academy is an innovative and dynamic department. The other members of the enthusiastic team are Mr Tidy, Mrs Falamarzi, Mrs Amel and Mrs Tabbassam. The department teaches French to Key Stage 3 students, and offers the opportunity to learn French, Spanish and Urdu at GCSE level in years 9, 10 and 11. Through collaboration with the EAL Department, we offer support to EAL students to help them in gaining a GCSE in their mother tongue.

The MFL department at Ormiston Meridian Academy aims to:

  • enable pupils to communicate effectively in the foreign language(s) and facilitate foreign contacts and/or further study.
  • develop an appreciation and tolerance towards other peoples, their country and their culture
  • encourage the sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes from successfully communication in the foreign language.
  • develop thinking skills and independence with another language
  • constantly seek to increase the number of pupils taking a GCSE course and the number of pupils taking languages
  • motivate pupils in the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities e.g. international projects, clubs, class-links and visits
  • link MFLs to other curriculum subjects
  • develop the social, moral, spiritual and cultural education of the pupils

In year 7, students have the opportunity to visit Paris and observe the culture and to enjoy the rides at Parc Asterix theme park. Students often recall this experience as one of their happiest memories of their time at Ormiston Meridian Academy. In addition, there is a fantastic opportunity for older students to visit Normandy, where students visit the World War two cemeteries, the landing beaches and the Bayeux Tapestry, staying at a beach resort in the Caen area.

In this age of global travel, and when languages are essential for business and trade with Europe and the world, learning languages has never been of such importance. In their MFL lessons, students use and enhance their speaking, listening and communication skills which are transferable to other subjects and which will also serve them in everyday life when they leave the academy. Learning another language also helps students to better understand their own language.

A strength of our department is the quality of teaching and learning. Teachers do not tend to follow a course book; lessons are created by the teachers via a variety of resources, which allows lessons to be more creative and stimulating for the pupils.

Department members are happy to regularly observe each other in order to share good practice and our teachers are positive about taking risks to improve their own practice.

Year 7

Unit 1: Greetings

Unit 2: Friends and family

Unit 3: House and home

Unit 4: Town and local area

Unit 5: Academy and daily routine

Unit 6: Hobbies

Year 8

Term 1a: Leisure activities

Term 1b: Work and choices

Term 2a: Shopping and fashion

Term 2b: World of work

Term 3: Travel and accommodation

Key Stage 4

Option to take GCSE French, GCSE Spanish or GCSE Urdu (3 year course) topics covered:

  • Travel and the Wider World – (Holidays and Exchanges, Environmental, Cultural and Social Issues).
  • Health and Sport – (Sports, Healthy Living, Food and Drink, Aspects of culture and Health).
  • Home and Local Area – (Home life, Friends and Relationships, Local Area, and Finding the Way).
  • Education and Work – (Academy Life, Further Study, Jobs and Work Experience and hopes for the future).
  • Leisure and Entertainment – (Hobbies, Festivals, Celebrations, Media, TV, Film and Music).