Rocket Fund

Our Rocket Fund bid for Aspiring Sports Analysts has just gone live! Please watch the video to see our students explain why we would like to use iPads in PE and what we can do with them to inspire future sports analysts.

The iPads would be used by the students individually, in small groups or as whole classes under the guidance and supervision of staff. Having the ability to use the iPads to support the analysis of performance across a wide range of sports and exercise activities which helps to provide more insightful feedback for improvement of skills and the whole performance enabling our students to aspire to be better through hard work, effort and practice.

We would appreciate if you can share this will friends, neighbours, local businesses and family members and if you can pledge from as little as £1 in return for a digital reward.

We have one month to gain all funding or we miss out and if we are one of the 1st ten schools to hit 25% of our target they will give us a bonus of £500. Help us achieve our goal and wish us luck!

Please view the link for further information.