Psychology Experiments

Students have been investigating commonly held beliefs e.g. whether there will be a change in a person’s behaviour or opinions as the result of group pressure (conformity) and if prejudice develops when groups are in competition for scarce resources (e.g. at a campsite). Some students have decided to investigate where there is a relationship between facial expressions and the hemispheres of the brain whereas others have decided to explore animal behaviour instead and look at aggression in rhesus monkeys.

Our Psychology students have been designing an experiment to help them to build their knowledge on studies for their Psychology exam with a Research Methods focus. Conducting a psychology experiment can be a long, complicated and intimidating process. It can be especially confusing if you are not quite sure where to begin or which steps to take. However, our students knew exactly where to start, what to do and how the research should be conducted.


Our Psychology students showed great resilience and were successful in working out what is needed to ensure the research is conducted by utilising the scientific method. They designed and created the materials that could be used in the study and were able to explain what happened in the research.

Some students even went further and created Play Doh creations to make their study as realistic as possible. Other students created “debrief sheets” which explained to each participant why there was deception involved and the true aims of their study.

A massive well done to these students that have been putting in a tremendous amount of effort into their Psychology lessons!