Performing Arts Trip

The Lowry and Imperial War Museum.

On Thursday 5th October the Performing Arts department took a group of year 10 students to the Imperial War Museum followed by watching a performance at The Lowry Theatre. The students started the day at the museum where they got to research how war has changed throughout history in particular looking at World War 2 and 9/11. As part of the visit students tried on different headwear worn by soldiers and try to disappear through the use of camouflage clothing. A highlight of the visit was meeting David Teacher who is a veteran of World War 2, he spent some time with the students answering their questions and giving them an insight to being a nineteen year old that went to war and the impact the war has had on his life. Students have gained invaluable personal insight into how individuals are affected by war which they can now build into their dance and drama pieces.

After a quick lunch at the Lowry Food Court we took our seats in the Lyric Theatre to watch Frantic Assembly perform, ‘Things I know to be true’. This stunning physical theatre performance told the story of family and marriage through the eyes of four grown siblings struggling to define themselves beyond their parents’ love and expectations. The performance was both poetic and brutally honest leaving no dry eyes in the audience. This opportunity gave the student an invaluable chance to experience live theatre and understand the requirements of a professional performance. It also gave students ideas to use in their own work and comparisons to make in their coursework to show knowledge of the wider umbrella of Performing Arts.

Students were superb throughout the day and a delight to take out.