Fantastic History Work

The History Department were absolutely delighted and amazed at the hard work and effort of over 20 Year 7 students who took on our ‘Castle competition’. In fact the standard was so high that Mr Jones, Miss Bramwell and Mr Maxwell selected 5 winners. They are:

  • Emma Marsden
  • Kaiden Jones
  • Rosie Shilvock
  • Dominic Ruddock
  • Alfie Davies….who made his castle out of cake! (it was delicious).
A huge congratulations to all involved who each received a celebration lunch and Castle Conquerors certificate. The five winners also received a gift voucher as a gesture of recognition for their endeavours.

Furthermore, Miss Bramwell’s Y8 class proved they could be creative in History by undertaking an Art project on the theme of the Abolition of Slavery. Not only did they show they hold the Fundamental British Values of tolerance, respect, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect dear but they also evidenced their commitment to History. Well done 8RS1!

Finally Micky Rosenau proved how much the theme of Slavery and abolition meant to him. He painstakingly created an anti-slavery symbol that left his peers and Miss Bramwell speechless. The effort and hard work put into this work truly reflects our OMERA motto and epitomises why the subject is such an important one.

The History Department want to say well done and get ready for the next challenge……