DofE Award Evening

On Thursday 9th November we held our second presentation evening for those students who have been involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award over the last twelve months. This year we were able to run the Award at both Bronze and Silver level and we were delighted to hand out 36 Awards over the two levels of Award. The evening was about celebrating the successes of the students and praising them for their hard work, effort and practice over the year. This year in addition to the expedition, skill and physical sections, students from the academy have dedicated over 1000 hours to volunteering in the academy and the local community.

As well as presenting the Awards parents were shown videos from the expeditions and students performed some of their skills that they had been working on over the year. Marji-Ann Mellor performed a fantastic piece on the flute and we had a group performance with Zoe McCoy on vocals, Freya Evans on the ukulele and Hannah Barlow on the piano. In addition to this Lauren Heath showed off her baking skills and created an amazing centre piece that was handed out to parents and participants at the end of the evening.

A huge thanks must also go to all of the staff who volunteered their time to set up for the evening, in particular Ann Berrisford and Deb Corbishly who catered for the evening.

Finally a huge well done and congratulations to all 2016/17 Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award participants.