DofE Tittesworth and Upper Hulme

Bronze Practice Walk 1

This year we have a record number of students taking part in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. On Friday 13th October (unlucky for some), 30 students took part in their first practice walk for the Award. Many of the students taking part had no previous experience of map reading and many had not been to this area before.

This first walk is an introduction to basic navigation and as we went through the day all of the groups picked up key skills very quickly despite the inclement weather. Groups started of by learning how to orientate the map using the compass as well as by using features around them such as Tittesworth Reservoir and the Roaches and Hen Cloud in the distance. Students then came up with a list of tick off features and catching features to help get them to their first check point.

After the first checkpoint we headed into more boggier terrain which meant that the students new boots didn’t   remain this way for long! Although most groups most groups ended up ankle deep in mud, this was not enough of an introduction for Mr Chester’s liking and he decided to take his group through a farm to test their navigation. He hadn’t bargained for the fact that the farmer had recently herded all of his cattle through the farm yard. At this point I need to say a huge thank you to the farmer who very kindly hosed down Mr Chester and his group and saved a huge valeting bill for the academy minibus.

After our initial adventures across the boggy farmland the groups practiced taking and walking on bearings and talked about the countryside code. Having performed well we decided to introduce some micro navigation using small features and to our surprise the students excelled.

All in all a very successful first practice walk for this years Bronze group. Well done everyone!