DofE Ilam Hall and Milldale Walk

Silver Practice Walk 1

This year we have 11 students taking part in the Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. On Saturday 14th October students completed their first practice walk with the aim of brushing up on and refining key navigational skills.

We started out from Ilam Hall in the Peak District with the aim of getting to Milldale before the Flapjack sold out. The first part of the walk took in some of the landmarks of the area including the stepping stones next to Thorpe Cloud, Lovers Leap, Raynards Cave and Dove Holes. Navigation for the first part of the journey was pretty straightforward as the two groups meandered their way along the River Dove towards Milldale. Once we got to Milldale we rushed to Polly’s café for flapjack but to our despair we were too late and had to settle for chocolate brownie. The groups sat and had lunch with John Makdissy keeping a watchful eye making sure the ducks didn’t steal anyone’s food away. A special guest in the form of Miss Peacock joined us in Milldale, much to the surprise of staff and students!

The second part of the day was much more difficult as the groups wound their way back down towards Ilam Hall via some extremely muddy farmland. The students responded well to the challenging navigation and terrain and worked well as a group to pick the correct way along their route. With the students doing well it was the staff that seemed to have issues with some of the local inhabitants with Mr Blundred and Mr Tidy getting hurried by an excited young bull! The students forged ahead and were making good progress towards the end of the walk, nothing could hold them back, not even Miss Bibi’s ‘Death Bridge’, which turned out to be a pretty solid wooden bridge across a shallow stream. Upon arriving at the end of the walk the students sat down for a rest and enjoyed a well earned ice cream from the shop.

Well done to all of the Silver participants and a huge thank you to all of the staff who helped out