Dance Festival

Stoke School Sports Partnership Dance Festival: Breaking News … Tornado sweeps the city taking all in its way

On Wednesday 14th March our Year 9 Dancers took part in the Stoke School Sports Partnership Dance Festival. The dance festival runs every year bringing together dancers from primary schools, secondary schools, academies, Stoke 6th Form College and Keele University. This year our students were set the task of making dance based on the idea of ‘Breaking news’. During their dance lessons the students came up with the idea of a tornado sweeping through Stoke on Trent taking a young girl who was in its path. To show the way the tornado moved and the sounds it makes we decided to use a giant skirt.

It was a busy day with the students arriving at the theatre at 2pm ready for their technical rehearsal, after this the students rehearsed back stage. One part they were looking forward to was the traditional trip to Mc Donalds for a team meal before the show. Back at the theatre the girls got into show mode with production line of hair and make up. Then at half 6 with nerves building we took our seats ready for the show to start.

The year 9 students gave an incredible performance showing the skills they have learnt so far on their BTEC course. They also showed themselves as professional young ladies both on and off stage. Their performance was a credit to all their hard work and even brought a tear to a parents eye.

Over the course of the evening we got to see fourteen groups perform. It was clear to see that every group had but in a enormous amount of effort in rehearsing and organising costumes. Some of our personal favourites were Stoke 6th Form and Frontline Dance Company. Miss Boyles is also overwhelmed by the talent in our local primary schools and can’t wait to work with these students in the future.

Thank you to all the parents, Mr Jones, Mrs Falamarzi, Ms James and Mrs James for coming to support the students.