Cyber Discovery Challenge

The Academy’s computer scientists are currently participating in a national cyber security challenge run by the Government.

Cyber Discovery, HM Government’s Cyber Schools Programme, consists of four phases that collectively span hundreds of hours’ worth of cyber security related challenges, tasks and games.  Students have the opportunity to progress through the programme as part of a Cyber Discovery club or by themselves. In both cases, the tools and integrated learning materials allow students to progress on their own, in their own time and with very little adult input.

The first stage of the challenge involves students solving 14 complex cyber security challenges. These challenges involve problem solving use a variety of high level computer languages, many of which the students have not studied.

A special request was made for an enthusiastic and gifted year 8 student to take part and incredibly Charlie Brindley has solved all fourteen challenges giving him access to a further 100 challenges. Well done Charlie.

He will join Kassum Karim in Year 11 on the next stage of the competition and perhaps forge out a future career in Cyber Security.

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