All students will be given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and characteristics to prepare them well for a modern and demanding world.

Who makes up the Student Leadership Team?

This team will be made up of a Head Student, Deputy Head Students, Assistant Head Students and Student Leaders Red, each student will have a specific role alongside general responsibilities.

Alongside this, each year group will have a Year Leadership Team that will consist of a Year Captain, Vice-Captain, Form Captains and Student Leaders Blue.


Student Leadership Duties
  • To Support Staff, the Senior Leadership Team and the community of our academy
  • To be approachable, to listen to and to act as an advocate for students within the Academy
  • To strategically lead the Student Leadership within the Academy
  • To uphold Academy values at all times
  • To encourage others to uphold Academy values
  • To be an Ambassador for the Academy during Open Evenings and Academy Events
  • To lead and front initiatives decided by the Student Leadership Team
What impact does Student Leadership have?
  • All students will be able to act with honesty and integrity at all times, both inside and outside of the school environment
  • Students will be confident and will be able to articulate with clear and precise communication
  • Students will become strong, caring and considerate young people who develop the lives of others
  • All leaders will have the ability to inspire others both inside the school and in the Community
  • Students will always maintain a positive attitude and remain motivated to ensure individual success in life beyond education
  • Students will be questioned on how they react to speaking in front of large audiences. Once they have had experience of the programme and developed their presentation skills they will be questioned again showing a marked improvement in the ability to speak, present and lead in front of others
  • There will be a marked increase in the success score of the students involved due to the ability to discuss, question, support and present during lesson time
  • More engagement and discussion during form times
  • Develop oracy skills
  • Give students power and responsibility around the Academy
  • Students will develop leadership qualities and will start to lead small groups, tasks or initiatives around the school
Student Leadership Teams:


Year 11 Year 10 Year 9 Year 8 Year 7
Monitored and Supported by HOY Monitored and Supported by HOY Monitored and Supported by HOY Monitored and Supported by HOY Monitored and Supported by HOY
Head Student Year Captain Year Captain Year Captain Year Captain
Deputy Head Students Vice-Captain Vice-Captain Vice-Captain Vice-Captain
Assistant Head Students 7 Form Captains 7 Form Captains 7 Form Captains 7 Form Captains
Students Leaders (Red) Students Leaders (Blue) Students Leaders (Blue) Students Leaders (Blue) Students Leaders (Blue)