Covid-19 Statement To Parents


External visitors/ parent meetings

External visitors/ supply/ parents are still welcome at the school but will be asked by reception:

  • if they have experienced any of the symptoms
  • or have been in contact with anyone with suspected Covid-19

If they answer ‘yes’ to any questions then they cannot come in. If reception are unsure please contact Claire, Sam or Ann

  • Nurses will still come in for injections as usual on Thursday
  • Nurses drop in on Tuesday lunchtime will still go ahead
  • School councillor will still be in a usual
  • Mental health team will continue as usual every Tuesday lunchtime
  • Stoke City project is now cancelled- the club have made this decision and students should be informed

Upcoming UK Trips

  • DofE still going ahead this weekend
  • Abakhan textiles trip for year 11 will go ahead as planned
  • Grade 9 maths at OSSMA is under review
  • Brilliant Club 23rd March is under review
  • Science trip to Stoke College still going ahead


  • Carrying on as usual

Sport Fixtures

  • All boys fixtures are cancelled until further notice
  • Girls netball match is going ahead tonight


  • A contingency plan for FSM will be put into place if the school is closed. We will not provide FSM for students who are self-isolating.


Yesterday, the Government announced that schools and colleges are being advised against all overseas trips for children under 18 until further notice. This is one of the latest measures announced as part of the Government’s coronavirus response.

We are currently in discussions with the travel companies, insurance companies and the Trust regarding the two France trips and the Holland trip and we politely request that you do not contact us and allow us to gather all accurate and relevant information so that we can share the right information with you. Our intention is to provide you with a full update by the earliest possible opportunity.